What is Adventure Roll?

What is Adventure Roll?

Adventure Roll is an immersive, sandbox-style, multiplayer role playing platform that lets you and your groups create, run, and play games according to your imagination.

Create Custom Maps

Create custom maps using any environment within D&D SRD5e. It’s as simple as dragging out your map and filling it with props, npcs, and traps. Everything is customizable on the fly, in-game! 

Customize Characters

Create custom player and non-player characters using our custom character editor. You can personalize every aspect of your character, including its face, body type, distinctive features, armour, and equipment to suit your style.


Take turns and together you can defeat the enemy! Just click on any attack to roll the dice and you’ll experience action first hand!

Chat Commands

Attacks, spells, rolls, and conversation details appear in the chat window for your reference. If you’re old school, Adventure Roll accepts manual entries as well.