Patch Notes for 0.4.4


  • DMs and Players now have the ability to Leave Games!
  • A foliage slider has been added to map creation so DMs can control the amount of trees/foliage their map will have.
  • New Buildings have been added to the props, as well as now Empty Buildings can be entered, culled and used for play.
  • Now when you try to exit your game without saving recent changes to any of your maps a warning pop-up appears letting you either Save your changes, Discard them or Cancel exiting the game.
  • DMs can now place Flags/Notes in their levels to keep track of important locations and leave notes for themselves.
  • In the Options menu there is now a Controls button, which opens a menu that shows all of the controls for both the DM and the Player.
  • DMs can now double-click on Player’s to zoom in on them.
  • INS now toggles names on and off.
  • When a DM clicks on an NPC there is now a Posses button above their hotbar which you can click to control, as well as P still has the same functionality.
  • DMs, in the Options menu, can now toggle on and off highlighting builds when they are hovered over.
  • Players and DMs can now drag Weapons off of the hotbar to remove them.
  • All menus in game are now moveable and resizable.
  • New steps have been added to the tutorial to go over the Library and how to add attacks to your NPCs and hotbar.
  • When an NPC is deselected any menus that were open for them will now close.
  • The Add buttons in the Library are now disabled if an NPC or Player are not selected.
  • Weapons now have the correct meshes for the player and quite a few have new animations.
  • Players, during character creation, can now add their Starting Equipment under Stats > Equipment, and it will appear in their Attacks and on their Hotbar when they enter a game.
  • Where Players input their name during character creation has been moved from above the characters head to under Stats > Description.
  • In character creation locks have been added to eye and hair colour so when a change is made to one input it also changes for the other (i.e. when locked changing the colour of the left eye also changes the colour of the right).
  • For Players Ability Scores have been added beneath Modifiers on the HUD.
  • When someone makes a roll now (for an attack or ability check) the Chat opens so they can see the outcome.
  • Keybinds have been updated for the Player, you will be able to see them in the Options > Controls menu in game or at


  • There was no exit in the map selection scree so one has now been added so if a user creates a new map and decides to back out they can.
  • The spring arm of the player and NPC cameras were not functioning, making it impossible to see properly in buildings. Now when you go inside a building the camera positions itself inside.
  • Time of day slider pop-up is no longer misaligned.
  • Morph changes to characters are now being remembered.
  • When the GM now rotates NPCs they turn completely around, instead of just their upper torso.
  • After changing a players role the pop-up would not close, now it does after a new role is selected.
  • Nothing was appearing under the All category for the Foliage menu, that has been resolved.
  • Once an entry has been added to the Turn Tracker the name and initiative fields are now cleared.
  • In character creation the Overall Scale slider now updates the Height slider.
  • The first person camera for the Dwarf and Dragonborn NPCs have now been fixed.
  • When you Go Live the button now updates to say Live.

Known Issues

  • While live, on first load of a map, foliage may float over areas where you have previously sculpted (reloading the map multiple times can resolve this issue). This does not occur when games are offline.
  • While live if you load into a map (Snow) then load into another (Forest) the foliage of the previously loaded map is remembered and the new foliage does not update (reloading the map resolves this issue). This does not occur when games are offline.
  • The surrounding “static” terrain does not update to match the terrain type loaded into.
  • Some prop icons in the props menus have inconsistent backgrounds.
  • Items in the Library are not getting added to inventory (attacks and spells are).
  • Morphing certain areas of the body causes the character to clip through the armor.
  • Capes on shorter races are sitting weirdly on their shoulders.
  • Occasionally when you view the Race select screen the images for the Males look bunched up (an interim fix; switching to Female then back to Male resolves this).
  • Toggling on and off mouse scroll setting is not remembered.

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