Patch Notes for 0.4.3


  • Reduced Memory usage of the game to between 1GB – 2GB.
  • There are now two camera modes, a free movement and a top-down that can be toggled between by clicking on the icon on the toolbar or hitting Y on the keyboard.
  • There is a new tool that allows DMs to click around the map to place their Player Spawn. The icon is next to the measuring tool, or you can hit I on your keyboard. The DM will need to save their map to save the new location of their Player Spawn.
  • We have also now reintroduced the time of day slider! You can click on the icon on the toolbar or click H on the keyboard to open the slider pop-up. You can either adjust using the slider or click on the time and type in an exact hour.
  • The sculpt tool now tells you how high up your are building terrain, or how far down you are digging, in feet so you can keep track.
  • The down and up arrows on your keyboard now collapse or un-collapse the bottom HUD.


  • Q and Z keybinds now pan camera up and down respectively in free movement mode. In top down camera Q zooms in and Z zooms out.
  • Turn tracker no longer disables keybinds when you add to the initiative.

Known Issues

  • Time of day slider pop-up is misaligned.
  • Occasionally morph changes to characters are not being remembered.
  • While live, on first load of a map, foliage may float over areas where you have previously sculpted (reloading the map multiple times can resolve this issue). This does not occur when games are offline.
  • While live if you load into a map (Snow) then load into another (Forest) the foliage of the previously loaded map is remembered and the new foliage does not update (reloading the map resolves this issue). This does not occur when games are offline.
  • The surrounding “static” terrain does not update to match the terrain type loaded into.
  • When the GM tries to rotate an NPC or PC it only turns the upper torso.
  • Some prop icons in the props menus have inconsistent backgrounds.
  • Items in the Library are not getting added to inventory (attacks and spells are).
  • Morphing certain areas of the body causes the character to clip through the armor.
  • Capes on shorter races are sitting weirdly on their shoulders.
  • Occasionally when you view the Race select screen the images for the Males look bunched up (an interim fix; switching to Female then back to Male resolves this).

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