Patch Notes for 0.4.2


  • A first-time tutorial has been implemented for the Editor and will appear when you create a new game. You can also toggle the tutorial on or off by hitting F9 on your keyboard.
  • Measuring has been implemented! If you hit R it will activate the measuring tool, or click on the icon on the toolbar, and you can measure from point A to B and it will show you the distance in feet.
  • You can also now Pause the movement of your players by hitting Spacebar or clicking on the Pause icon on the toolbar. It will prevent your players from moving but they can still look around, perform rolls, and utilize their HUD.
  • While in paint mode you can now hold down ALT to erase anything you have just painted.
  • If you hit up or down on the arrow keys it will now un-collapse or collapse the bottom menu.
  • There are new faces for the Male and Female human in the Character Editor.


  • When you unpossess an NPC it was taking you back to Player Spawn. It now leaves you right next to or near the character you were possessing.
  • Snap-to-grid has been re-implemented. If you have a prop selected and hold down left-CTRL it will snap to the nearest surface.

Known Issues:

  • While live, on first load of a map, foliage may float over areas where you have previously sculpted (reloading the map multiple times can resolve this issue). This does not occur when games are offline.
  • While live if you load into a map (Snow) then load into another (Forest) the foliage of the previously loaded map is remembered and the new foliage does not update (reloading the map resolves this issue). This does not occur when games are offline.
  • The surrounding “static” terrain does not update to match the terrain type loaded into.
  • Reset Position does not work for a GM unless they are possessing and NPC or Player.
  • When the GM tries to rotate an NPC or PC it only turns the upper torso.
  • Some prop icons in the props menus have inconsistent backgrounds.
  • Items in the Library are not getting added to inventory (attacks and spells are).
  • Morphing certain areas of the body causes the character to clip through the armor.
  • Capes on shorter races are sitting weirdly on their shoulders.
  • Occasionally when you view the Race select screen the images for the Males look bunched up (an interim fix; switching to Female then back to Male resolves this).

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