Patch Notes for 0.4.0


  • The start of the new Landscape Editor has been implemented, which includes:
    • A collection of starting maps for users to manipulate, along with map management so users can create, load up and delete maps now.
    • New user interface to accommodate the changes to the Editor.
    • A Select, Sculpt and Paint tool which allows you to place and manipulate props, sculpt the terrain and paint on the terrain respectively.
    • The ability for the GM to cull the roof and walls on structures so they can keep track of their players more easily.
    • The ability to toggle on and off a grid for use in measuring distances and combat.
    • A larger selection of buildings and props to fill out a scene.
    • A search tool for props to quickly find what you are looking for.
    • New keybinds for quickly interacting with the new and existing interface which you can find information on here.
  • Updates to the Character Editor:
    • Made adjustments and updates to the user interface so it is cleaner and easier to navigate.
    • Cleaned up morphs on both the Male and Female characters and reduced the amount of morphs available to morphs that have a visible impact on the characters.
    • Added new images of the characters on the Race select screen.
    • When a user picks a class in the Class select screen it equips that character with a suggested armor that that class can wear (it can be changed during customization).
    • Added morph presets so that you can quickly pick a look for your character and make adjustments if you wish.
    • Added more selection of hair styles.
    • Added 13 additional base armor sets so you can customize your character to wear a wide variety of armor based on Class specifications or personal preference.
    • Tweaks to where your character is positioned on screen so it is not blocked by elements of the user interface.


  • Adjusted lighting so that when a user digs a tunnel or cave into the terrain they appear darker inside.
  • Some performance tweaks with lighting to speed up loading into and playing in maps.Player characters stats and appearance not loading into the game for themselves, the GM and other players.
  • Morphs and customization selections being remembered when going back and changing character races (for example if you changed your skin green and went back and selected a different race their skin would remain green).
  • After saving changes to your character it would log you out of your account.
  • Placeholder NPC was not letting users upload or apply images.
  • Crash when loading into a live map.
  • Crash when placing an NPC onto a landscape.
  • Crash when toggling in and out of full control in the Character Editor.
  • Crash when you hit the Back button in Race select screen.

Known Issues

  • Landscape and trees clip through buildings (an interim fix is to sculpt down the terrain where the building is placed).
  • If the GM reloads or loads into another map while players are loaded in they can occasionally fall through the terrain (an interim fix for this is for players to open the Options menu and click on Reset Position which takes them to where the player spawn is placed).
  • Occasionally if you create a new map while live the texture on the terrain will not update to what is selected but will retain the texture of the map previously loaded into.
  • When you load into a live map pre-generated trees may occasionally not load in for the GM, they are visible to the players.
  • The surrounding “static” terrain does not update to match the terrain type loaded into.
  • Reset Position does not work for a GM unless they are possessing and NPC or Player.
  • When the GM tries to rotate an NPC or PC it only turns the upper torso.
  • Some prop icons in the props menus have inconsistent backgrounds.
  • Items in the Library are not getting added to inventory (attacks and spells are).
  • When you hit Cancel on the Retrieving Games pop-up in the Main Menu it signs you out of your account.
  • Morphing certain areas of the body causes the character to clip through the armor.
  • Capes on shorter races are sitting weirdly on their shoulders.
  • Occasionally when you view the Race select screen the images for the Males look bunched up (an interim fix; switching to Female then back to Male resolves this).

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