Patch Notes for 0.3.0


  • The new character editor has been implemented, you will now be able to completely customize their looks, colors, accessories and armors
  • 3 new sets of armor have been visually implemented for the character creator, scale mail, plate mail and chainmail
  • You are able to play test your character in the editor, giving players the ability to set up their weapons ahead of time while not inside of a live game+ Stat calculations include your character racial modifiers
  • Most sliders have been moved to the advanced section, presets are now implemented for the basic customization
  • There are now 4 hair styles to choose from for your custom character
  • Color names now implemented for hundreds of colors, now you too can tell the difference between Wild Watermelon and Outrageous Orange
  • Various goblins scattered across the character testing map, they will automatically attack back if targeted and attacked


  • Fixed an issue with armor not properly adjusting with your body sliders
  • Fixed a bug that would crash the game whenever players switched between targeting modes
  • Fixed an issue with player characters not loading in correctly in a live game
  • Weapons will no longer be left floating in the air if a character disconnects from a game

Known Issues

  • Targeting indicators won’t follow the player or the npc they are placed on top of
  • Targeting indicators will not clear if the player who set it down disconnects from the game
  • Picking your starting gear in your character information tab will not actually add it to your character

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