Patch Notes for 0.2.15


  • Monsters now have proper monster attacks with their own specific damage mods.
  • All monster attacks have monster attack animations that will play if you have the monster possessed.
  • New Tilesets: Grasslands and Ruins.
  • New debris props.
  • Chat Box can now be re-sized, re-scaled and re-positioned anywhere.
  • Roll toggle available in Chat Box, when toggled on will remove all rolls from the chat log.
  • New Halfling Female and Tiefling Female
  • All monsters now have their proper attack macros setup and available on the hotbar.
  • Changed the way the game gets packed, everything will no longer be packed into one giant file, this will make all future patches significantly smaller.


  • NPC’s will now be part of mass select when double clicking rooms.
  • Sometimes connectors were not removed properly from the level, now it is being done.
  • Fixed a problem with keybinds, 1 was used to take screenshots as well as F12.
  • Fixed a problem with the character editor, if you tried loading a character while one was already loaded, a new character mesh would be shown without removing the old one.

Known Issues

  • Placing grasslands across non grasslands tiles will create grass over other tilesets if they intersect.
  • Tiefling female tail does not behave like a tail.

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