Patch Notes for 0.2.14


  • Details panel is now available part of the top hud, it is minimized by default. When no props are selected, it will display the time of day. When a prop is selected, you are able to modify it’s location, every rotation (yaw, pitch, roll) and even non-uniform scaling across x,y,z.
  • Day/Night cycle is being set via the 24h clock. The sun position and its light direction is directly affected by the clock. By default, the time of day is 12:00 which is mid day.
  • Many new props added for cemetery and a few redwood trees.
  • Halloween themed monsters have been added to the game, enjoy your army of the undead!
  • Locks are now available for all doors and chests via the interaction menu for a GM. By default everything is unlocked, GM will need to specify what is locked.
  • Commoners have been implemented into the game, every possible player race is now also available as a commoner.
  • New loading screen transitions are now implemented.
  • New double stairs which allow you to get up to the second floor rather than halfway.
  • GM can toggle the visibility of the build grid via G on the keyboard.
  • Run and walk toggles implemented for player movement, you can toggle run on/off via Page Up and walk toggle on/off with Page Down.


  • Fixed a huge problem with giant rooms being built, there is a limit to how many props and tiles a map can hold.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to scale and rotate rooms that you mass select.
  • Fixed a movement bug which made it so monsters don’t play the proper walk animation based on the direction they are facing when possessed by the GM.
  • Fixed being unable to select things after you un-possess a character.
  • Fixed some crashes due to large maps.
  • Fixed interactions to persist across players loading in (doors will stay open if they were opened, chests will be empty if they were emptied).

Known Issues

  • Sometimes the details panel will not give you the proper time of day when you first open it.

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