Patch Notes for 0.2.13


  • Scaling is now available for props and npcs, you can toggle between rotating and scaling via the Tab key
  • Added two screenshot modes: Regular screenshot (F12) and Screenshot without UI (Shift + F12)
  • You can now move / rotate / scale multiple props or npc’s at the same time if you hold down Shift after selecting them
  • Swapping tiles is available, you can switch a wall with a doorway by simply placing a doorway on top of it
  • Multiple level navigation is available via the new top left layers menu, it will hide all levels above your currently selected level to facilitate prop placement and level editing
  • NPC’s have updated icons
  • Added Cave Floor and Cave Walls to the tiles
  • Added icons for Column 1 and Column 2
  • Edge scrolling with mouse will now pan you in the respective directions
  • You are able to disable mouse edge scrolling through the in-game menu toggle button, by default edge scrolling is enabled


  • When possessing an NPC, your selections will properly be cleared
  • Turning camera via arrow keys increased in speed by 85%
  • Character sheet data for NPC’s now properly saves when performing a save game, including their death state if they previously died
  • Fixed an issue with chat toggling that erroneously disabled it and no longer allowed people to toggle it on and off
  • Improved the performance of large scale levels by 300%, frame rate increased from 10fps to 30fps in large levels
  • Fixed NPC icon scaling to follow the same scaling method that tiles and props use

Known Issues

  • In a live game, you cannot replace tiles on the fly as you do in offline
  • Moving multiple objects in a live game might not update the proper position for every object, very connection dependant, this works fine while offline
  • Rotating or scaling an object before placing it in an online game will kick you to the main menu

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