Dungeon Master

Editor Movement

WASDForward, Left, Back and Right
QCamera pans up
ZCamera pans down
Right Click + Move Mouse
Pan camera around screen.

Editor Keybinds

1Open Build Menu
2Open Landscape Menu
3Open NPC Menu
INSToggle on an off nameplates.
XToggle on and off screen lock.
PWill posses and un-posses a selected NPC or Monster.
TOpens and closes the Turn Tracker.
LOpens and closes the Library.
MOpens and closes Map Management.
COpens the Chat.
FOpens and closes the Player List.
VSwitches you to the Select tool.
BSwitches you to the Sculpt tool.
NSwitches you to the Paint tool.
KToggles through the different building cull modes.
GTurns on and off the Grid.
F12High resolution screenshot.

Select Controls

These controls only function if you have the Select tool active.

Left ClickSelect an object.
Scroll WheelRotate or scale selected object.
TABSwitch between rotating and scaling an object.
CTRLHolding CTRL while an item is being placed allows you to snap it to the nearest surface.
SHIFTHolding shift while an item is being placed allows you to place down multiple copies.
DELWill delete anything you have selected.

Sculpting Controls

These controls only function if you have the Sculpt tool active.

Left Mouse ClickBuild up terrain
Alt + Left Mouse ClickDig into terrain
Shift + Left Mouse ClickFlatten terrain
Scroll wheelEnlarge and reduce the size of the sculpt tool

Paint Controls

These controls only function properly when you have the Paint tool active.

Left Mouse ClickPaints on terrain

Scroll wheel´╗┐
Enlarge and reduce the size of the paint tool


Player Movement

WASDMove forward, left, back or right.
Right Click + Move MousePan camera around screen.

Player Kebinds

LOpens and closes Library
COpens and closes chat.
GToggle on and off grid.
Right Ctrl
Toggles between third and first person view.
Right Mouse ClickRight clicking on an interactive object will open an interactions menu.
PG UPToggles on and off running.