Introducing The Dragon’s Lair Shop with Patch 0.5.1

Dragon’s Lair Shop

We are releasing our in game store today. Users are able to purchase Dragon Scales which can be exchanged for cosmetic items as well as new maps, monsters, and props to populate your worlds. Initial offerings include various discounted bundles available now!

Items purchased in early access will be available to you immediately. We will continue to add new content which will be available to you for purchase in the future.

Premium Characters

Premium characters allow you to gain full customization over your characters. With a premium character you can change your armor independent of your class, access advanced body morph sliders, access an expanded preset list, and gain full color customization.

Premium Levels

Two new levels and 2 existing levels are now available in the dragon’s lair shop!

Dark Prison new

Fallen debris suggests this dungeon may have been abandoned long ago, but signs of life in the kitchen, living quarters, and larger chambers indicate otherwise. Your party is sure to encounter enemies lurking behind any number of corners. Long and winding halls filled with rusted cages, spike traps, and iron bars reverberate the sense of despair that awaits deeper inside this dark dungeon.

Sewers new

A sewer system that runs beneath the surface. Scaffolding is used to patch the old structure, while also serving as a small shelter to harbor underground activity. Grime, poison gases, and other dangers await inside.


A graveyard built into the confines of an old ruin that has stood the test of time for hundreds of years. Explore the region and find the secrets that lie beneath the surface of this decrepit place!


A dark and ominous crypt filled with traps, secret passages, and other mysteries. Explore dark tunnels lined with the bones of the dead, uncover long lost treasures and defeat the ancient guardians that are bound to be defending their places of eternal rest.

Premium Props

  • Rune Puzzle Pillar
  • Bone Arm Trap
  • Blood Decals
  • Dirty Hay Decal
  • Stocks
  • Torture Tables
  • Torture Chair
  • Shackles
  • Ball And Chain
  • Large Door and Wall
  • Prison Door Wall
  • Goo Piles
  • Poison Water Falls
  • Lift Cranes
  • Sewer Grate Wall
  • Poison Decal
  • Acid Decal
  • Poison Cloud
  • Paralyzing Rune
  • Prison Wall
  • Ornate Chest
  • Spike Trap
  • Draw Bridge
  • Poison Gas Trap
  • Sewer Grate Hatch
  • Hanging Rack
  • Iron Maiden
  • Breakable Prison Bars

New Free Props

45 Base props plus the following new props:

  • Lantern
  • Lantern Post
  • Dirt Piles
  • Cage
  • Chain
  • Tall Wooden Door
  • Baroque Carpet
  • Table

Premium Characters

  • Male Zombie Human
  • Female Zombie Human
  • Skeleton
  • Ghast
  • Ghoul
  • Guard
  • Executioner
  • Giant Rat`
  • Sea Hag
  • Male Zombie Elf
  • Female Zombie Elf
  • Female Zombie Gnome
  • Male Zombie Gnome
  • Male Zombie Dwarf
  • Female Zombie Dwarf
  • Female Zombie Child
  • Male Zombie Child
  • Male Zombie Human 02
  • Female Zombie Human 02
  • Female Zombie Tiefling
  • Male Zombie Tiefling
  • Male Zombie HalfOrc
  • Female Zombie HalfOrc

Premium Hair Styles

  • Mullet
  • Wavy bob
  • Mohawk

QOL Updates / Stability

  • Edge Scrolling hotkey removed so it is not accidentally enabled
  • You can now toggle between walk/jog mode and jog/run mode
  • Emote panel with clickable emotes
  • Interaction indicators for the GM so they can easily identify props in a level
  • Retooling of prop manipulation to be much easier
  • Converted some interactions to be toggled so they are easier to use
  • Added titles to interactable prop when displaying their interactions
  • Reduced time it takes for levels to refresh on the main menu
  • Moved the GM spawn points in levels to be a top down view so you can get the lay of the land as soon as joining a level
  • Reduced character collision height while swimming so you can fit into tighter places
  • Decals no longer project onto player characters
  • Passive abilities added for creatures including Darkvision on NPCs that have it (Player races are coming soon)
  • Leaving a game with 0 HP no longer causes your character to collapse on the character select or character editor screens.
  • Climbing with Q and Z now work as intended
  • Removed floating levels from the secret doors. They are now positioned correctly.
  • Shortcuts added to interface icons to make it easier to quickly access user interface panels

As development continues, we are looking to make Adventure Roll more fun and easy to use. We hope you will join us in our Discord server to share feedback or find a game to play in.