We’ve made a small update to Adventure Roll addressing a number of bugs found by our community.


  • Game icon now properly displays the Adventure Roll Icon.
  • NPC’s and Props are now free for GM’s, Zombie Pack is still available for purchase.
  • Added more tooltips when hovering over some UI elements, such as the dragon store.

Bug fixes

  • Spells show damage rolls properly, they were mistakenly showing number of targets.
  • In the character editor, going back while having character sheet sections open will properly close those sections before going back.
  • When editing your character, going back to the race selection no longer clumps all the races together.
  • Zombie Pack was erroneously available without purchasing it in some circumstances.
  • Updating the level on the character sheet would turn off all user input, you can now change your level in-game freely once more.
  • Animal Handling proficiency was saving incorrectly and not displaying properly on the main menu dashboard.
  • In the character editor, changing classes is now immediately reflected on your character sheet.
  • Changing your level as a caster now properly updates your known and prepared maximum values for spells.
  • Hill Dwarf now properly displayed on the main menu.
  • If you were possessing an NPC, double clicking somewhere would eject you from it.
  • When you unpossess an NPC, your camera goes back to the view mode it was in.
  • Fixed an issue where player movement would stop updating for everyone else in the session after the GM changed to a different map.
  • While in region view, if you possessing an NPC no longer causes the camera rotate incorrectly. 
  • Having the spells window up no longer makes it impossible to click save character.
  • Stopped the player UI from duplicating if you were a GM and were selecting an NPC.
  • Zombie’s Undead Fortitude and Ghast’s Stench ability no longer have a blank ability automatically added to the UI.
  • Sometimes player data would stop being retrieved on the main menu until you swapped to the GM tab and back to player, you will no longer need to do that now.
  • Renaming an adventure before adding any maps to it no longer makes it appear as you have no maps the next time that you logged in and looked at your adventure.

Known Issues

  • Animal Handling proficiency will need to be saved again, due to the fix we made for the proficiency.

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