There is a small hotfix being released today to address some common issues.

  • Spell DCs are now correctly being calculated on the character creator page.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash on the main menu
  • Subraces now correctly display with spaces when appropriate.
  • “ChainShirt” has been corrected to read “Chain Shirt” on the armor selection page
  • Creating an adventure and moving to the Player dashboard no longer leaves you with a un-editable, unnamed adventure that you cannot leave.
  • Adventures that you create as a GM no longer appear in your list of adventures as a player. This also means you can not leave your own adventure (abandoning it with no GM)
  • After selecting multiple props and rotating/translating or scaling them, selecting a new prop will now properly update the selection highlight.
  • The turn tracker no longer accepts non-numeric values

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