Here is a collection of frequently asked questions for the game. If you think something should be added here let us know!

What are the keybinds for the game?

You can find a list of keybinds for the game on the Keybinds page on the website. In future updates we will provide the ability to rebind keys in the Options menu.

How do I change where my players spawn into a map?

Currently, to change where your players spawns in the map, you can click on the small human icon and drag it to where you would like it to be placed.

Having a hard time finding this icon? While you are possessing a Player or NPC open Options and click on Reset Position, it will take you to exactly where the Player Spawn is placed.

How do I set a game live?

Currently we have servers running 24/7.

When you are in your game there will be a Go Live button at the top-center of the screen, click on that when you are ready to run your game and invited players will then be able to join.

How do I add a NPC token image to my map?

Currently to add an NPC token image you will need to go to the NPC menu, scroll to the bottom of the list and select Token Monster and place it on your map.

Once Token Monster is placed on your map select it and click on Character on the Player HUD and click on Bio in the menu that appears.

In Bio you will see a field for Token Image List, you can click on the plus button to add a JPEG or PNG to the list then select it from the dropdown.

What are the chat functions for the game?

A list of all the current chat functions in the game can be found on our Chat Functions page.