Adventure Roll’s 0.5.4 Update

New Features

3rd Level spells (everything from the SRD)

  • Animate Dead
  • Beacon of Hope
  • Bestow Curse
  • Blink
  • Call Lightning
  • Clairvoyance
  • Conjure Animals
  • Counterspell
  • Create Food and Water
  • Daylight
  • Dispel Magic
  • Fear
  • Fireball
  • Fly
  • Gaseous Form
  • Glyph of Warding
  • Haste
  • Hypnotic Pattern
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Magic Circle
  • Major Image
  • Mass Healing Word
  • Meld into Stone
  • Nondetection
  • Phantom Steed
  • Plant Growth
  • Protection from Energy
  • Remove Curse
  • Revivify
  • Sending
  • Sleet Storm
  • Slow
  • Speak with Dead
  • Speak with Plants
  • Spirit Guardians
  • Stinking Cloud
  • Tiny Hut
  • Tongues
  • Vampiric Touch
  • Water Breathing
  • Water Walk
  • Wind Wall

Friend List Management

You can manage your friend list from the main menu, once you open it up, click the + icon in the top right to start adding friends. Usernames or email both work for this. Having friends in your list allows you to gift them things from the store or easily invite them to your game, as long as you are the GM.


Whenever you receive a friend invite, game invite or gift, everything will be available for you in the notification panel. This is available in-game as well as from the main menu.

Player Character Cards for GMs

Anytime a player enters your game, you will have their player card show up at the top left of the screen. This player card allows you to view their: AC at a glance, passive investigation, passive insight, current hp, max hp, see if they are concentrating on a spell and quick access to their character sheet. When you are in a Region view mode or Immersive view mode, double clicking on their portrait will take you right to that player so you can never lose them again. Single click on their portrait will automatically select that player in the world for you.


  • Minotaur
  • Gnoll
  • Troll
  • Animated Armor
  • Flying Sword
  • Ogre
  • Ogre Zombie
  • Mummy
  • Dryad
  • Gelatinous Cube
  • Will’o’wisp
  • Wight
  • Kobold
  • Hobgoblin

Are all the new NPC’s we have added this patch, available to use in all of your adventures. Every single one of them comes with their own animations, abilities and character sheets all setup and ready for you to use.


  • Opening turn tracker pauses all player movement
  • Closing turn tracker un-pauses all player movement
  • Players will auto-pause and un-pause as their turn comes up in initiative
  • All NPC’s can now properly be affected by every spell which previously only worked on players (spells like alter self)
  • All NPC’s will properly show weapons being equipped (nothing more terrifying than a chicken running after you with a greatsword)
  • Ravens and Crows now have a run animation
  • Made notes for spells in a spellbook which are primarily used for roleplay purposes (Suggestion, Unseen Servant, etc)
  • Updates to the games a player or a GM is part of will no longer try to trigger when they are not in the main menu
  • When losing connection to a server, you will now receive a notification popup instead of just being sent back to the main menu
  • All props and NPC icons have been updated to show a better overview in the GM placement list
  • Slowed down some of the projectiles so they are no longer completely instantaneous (like the call lightning’s lightning bolt)
  • Long rest panel now displays what your HP totals would be at the end of the long rest instead of what you currently have, this is more in-line with how long rest works
  • Spells and thrown weapons that miss targets will now show floating missed text
  • Healing spells that are set to not work on undead/constructs will omit them
  • Improved the way attachment works when light gets cast on someone, the detected point is more accurate now
  • If you keep your spellbook open, your spells will now update if they are being blocked by something (like paralysis or silence)
  • Fog cloud has been re-worked to no longer have a huge impact on your framerate
  • Character sheet for NPC’s sometimes displayed their size, other times their creature type, it will now stick to just creature type
  • Barkskin has been re-worked to show up properly on NPC’s as well as players
  • Controls window can now be closed

Bug Fixes

  • Skin tint for orc and tiefling now works properly
  • Region camera fix which will stop the camera from going through the ground the first time you go to region mode
  • NPC’s can use cantrips properly now, their damage will be accurately rolled
  • Players will no longer break movement when they open up the details panel
  • Updating names on the character sheet in a live game will properly update all panels that have that name
  • Adding spells to spellbook no longer randomly stop working
  • Fixed a desync problem with NPC’s when the GM saves a game or when auto-save triggers
  • NPC’s will no longer drop below the map after you summon them via summon familiar or conjure animal
  • The compass and the movement paused sections will no longer overlap
  • Manage campaign button will no longer stop appearing randomly
  • Resetting a position will no longer attempt to teleport you under the map
  • Fixed a crash with async functionality which would occur randomly when players would leave a game and go to the main menu
  • All familiars now have their names properly show up in the character sheets
  • Having too many NPC’s in a map (20+) will no longer kick you out of it and stop working
  • There’s a more thorough check for map names to no longer allow special characters, special characters caused maps to stop working
  • Rope trick no longer stops working if used by an NPC and now will drop all contents where it was cast if the space is dismissed by the caster
  • Spells that have extra abilities which are granted will now properly show up all the time
  • Fixed a bug which made it so you were unable to rename a map if you were on the main menu and the game was already live
  • Several spells would remember targets that you had used previously and continue affecting those targets regardless if they were selected again in subsequent spell casting, this will no longer happen
  • Several spells had the damage outputting to chat incorrectly, but the damage was being applied correctly to the targets, this will no longer occur
  • Alter self natural weapons had the incorrect die, was doing 1d8 dmg instead of 1d6
  • Protection from energy had an old casting prompt assigned to it
  • Charm person was working on non-humanoid characters
  • Fixed a crash which occurred when trying to cast a spell that you could not (for instance if a person had a spell about to cast, but they got paralyzed before they could get the spell off)
  • Goodberry only worked for 9 berries, the last berry would never work
  • Animal Messenger would stick around and never leave to deliver the message
  • Damage from divine favor was not applying
  • Warding bond was not adding +1 to all saving throws
  • Pass without trace was not adding +10 to stealth
  • Enhance ability could not upcast
  • Ray of enfeeblement now properly halves the damage you deal with weapons
  • When players took over their familiars, the player character would desync with the server and stop updating their position for everyone, this will no longer happen
  • Shield spell will now properly update your AC

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