Adventure Roll’s 0.5.3 Update

Adventure Roll’s 0.5.3 update includes more content developed to expand your games to new places. It includes a new level, new props, new character customization and a few new features that have been requested.

Visit the Academy Ruins

This abandoned academy is nestled within the rocky mountain cliffs. Stained glass lies shattered in piles. The massive statues of the school’s patrons loom over the unused study areas. What magical secrets lie within?

With the addition of the academy ruins includes a selection of additional props available for use in all of your levels. These include:

  • Bookcases with and without books
  • Interactive Candelabras
  • Interactive Chandeliers
  • Interactive Candles
  • Potion bottles of various colors and shapes
  • Mounted Wall Torches
  • A Stone Tower
  • A brazier that emits colored flames and light
  • Magical colored pulsing orbs of light
  • An interactive adjustable magical bridge
  • Long and short benches
  • Stone statues
  • Wall Candles

Confront New Enemies

Four new enemies are being added for use within adventure each will their own animations and abilities



You’ll likely hear it bickering with itself before you see it. This two headed giant is strong, tough and hard to sneak up on.

Battling an Ettin is a difficult task for fledgling adventures. Rookies may try to sneak up on on one while it sleeps only to find out that two heads means you are your own sentry.


You can’t have an abandoned school without a tortured soul or two. The specter fits the bill perfectly.

Challenge your players by giving them something that can move without the confines of a physical body. Pass through walls, soar through the air and shrug off normal attacks.

A specter is the perfect low level challenge to mix up your fights with a bit of environmental diversity.



These savage creatures are so used to living in the dark, they have gone blind. Black voids fill the areas where their eyes should be.

Being blind won’t stop them though. Their keen sense of smell and hearing allows them to perceive their surroundings out to 30 feet.

They are known to hide in groups among rocks and ambush travelers as they go by.

Lesser Flame Skull

A custom take on a classic monster. The lesser flame skull is what you get when an apprentice or student ventures down a darker path. Not as powerful as their more knowledgeable counterparts, a lesser flame skull can still do some real damage.

If you are looking to introduce this monster to the group without accidentally blowing them all up. This is the creature for you.

Lesser Flame Skull

More Hairstyles

You’ve asked for more hair options so we added more hair options. This patch includes 13 new hair styles available for purchase in the Dragon’s Lair shop. These include:

  • Side Parted Long Bangs
  • Side Part Long
  • Slicked Mohawk
  • Basic Long
  • Topknot
  • Long Bun
  • Short Blown
  • Medium Bun
  • Large Bun
  • Long Ponytail
  • Large Braid
  • Bob Bun
  • Balding

New Features


As a GM you can now ping locations you want players to focus on with the middle mouse button. Doing so will spawn a particle effect that all your players can see.

Whisper Chat

You can now send secret messages to each other in game via the chat box. Next to the chat input choose the intended receiver of the message and only they will be able to see it.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the change history when editing a map which would not let you exit a map when you chose to save and exit.