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Our Party

As avid D&D players, developers, artists, and a business guy, we set out on a quest to get more out of our D&D games. We wanted to play a 3.5 foot dwarf and feel what it would be like to square off against an 8-foot Ogre or to launch a fireball and see it explode amongst a horde of kobolds.

Our Adventure

We set out on an Adventure to create the best digital D&D gaming experience we could. We wanted it to be immersive, visually rich, flexible, and easy to use. Like any good Adventure, ours took many twists and turns. We encountered many interesting characters and asked a lot of questions. We hit some dead-ends and went down some long and winding roads. Eventually we found treasure when we needed it most and as a group, became closer along the way.  

We’re very proud to announce that Adventure Roll is in Early Access.  Adventure Roll combines the visual richness of a AA video game with the game mechanics and flexibility of a virtual table top system.  We let Dungeon Masters create customizable maps, provide a full suite of interactable structures, and a cadre of props to set up their adventures. Adventure Roll includes embedded 5th edition rules administration and a turn based combat system, complete with targeting, visual effects and animations so GMs can focus on story-telling rather than technology or calculations.    

Players can explore any level using fully animated, personalized characters and interact with purposefully placed objects that further their quest.

There’s much to do and our Adventure is just beginning. We invite you to join us! 

Our Difference

Adventure Roll is the fully immersive 3D virtual tabletop for D&D 5e. We are the only product that combines the functionality of a VTT with the visuals of a video game to deliver the online D&D experience you’ve been waiting for. As a result, it offer an unmatched level of immersion, control, and visual brilliance for both Dungeon masters and Players.  

Using Adventure Roll, Dungeon Masters can instantaneously access fully-3D prebuilt maps or forge new ones to create completely personalized campaigns using Adventure Roll. Our flexible map builder tools allow for drag and drop placement of interactive structures props, puzzles, traps and animated NPCs to create a living 3D world for their players to explore.

When the game is on, DMs can oversee the action from any camera angle, cull away structures to reveal players inside, initiate combat via a turn tracker, and control every other aspect of their game through a variety of tools on the main heads-up-display (HUD). What’s more, if Dungeon Masters are seeking a more immersive experience, they can possess and play any of their NPCs in-game alongside their players in 1st or 3rd person.

Players can create and play personalized, animated characters in 1st or 3rd person and experience the scale, perspective, and stylized richness that a video game environment offers. Quests come to life as player characters explore the map, interact with objects, execute feats, and engage in fierce combat that delivers magical visual effects, attack animations and embedded fifth edition game rules, mechanics and automation that takes D&D to a whole new level.