Adventure Roll

Bring Your Adventures to Life

Set the stage for your next adventure with our drag and drop map editor that makes it easy and fun to create custom maps in minutes. Focus on your game with embedded 5E rules and game mechanics, automated dice roll calculations and character sheet updates. Control every aspect of your game through a fully functional HUD. Watch the action from any angle or play alongside your party by possessing your NPCs in 1st or 3rd person for maximum immersion.

Become Your Character

Immerse yourself in each adventure as you play your personalized characters in 1st or 3rd person. Engage in fierce combat and see your fully animated avatar attack and cast spells with visual effects to win the day with your party! Roll for initiative, perform skills and abilities checks, and custom roll to keep the game flowing. Express yourself through emotes, interact with props, and fall prey to hidden traps placed by your GM for a maximum role-playing experience.